20's Bucket List · Hiking

Pinterest, The Travel Agent

Today I thought I’d try to get excited about this journey of mine and do a little online shopping and research about hiking trails around me to train for the Inca Trail down the road. While Pinterest-ing away, I found photos of the most beautiful hike I think I’ve ever seen. It’s called Havasu Falls in Arizona and it’s continually listed on “things to do before you die” lists the world over. It’s located on Indian Reservation land in the heart of the Grand Canyon and ends with a sweeping view of a bright-blue rushing waterfall. I even cried a little bit when I saw the picture for the first time. So, I’m adding it to the Travel Bucket List. Because, why not?

Oooo I’m feeling inspired and a little bit badass! I mean, LOOK AT THIS? Don’t you feel like you’re going to find the meaning of life here???


I ended my online glee-spree by impulsively buying a fleece headband to cover my ears and keep warm while I train in the LA “Winter”. It is my first official “gear acquisition on and I feel positively outdoors-y. Nevermind that I didn’t feel like getting off my butt and going to the store to buy it and instead ordered it from Amazon. I’m on my way, people!



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