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REI For The Win

The universe rocks sometimes.

SO, remember how I wrote just a few days ago about finding that random Pinterest post about Havasu Falls in Arizona? Well how weird is THIS-

I went on my local REI’s website to look at hiking boots (another major dent in the wallet) and saw that they offer FREE (at last!) classes on a variety of outdoor activities. THANK GOD because Girl Scouts was almost 20 years ago and I don’t remember a single thing about wilderness survival because let’s be honest, I was in it for the cookies.


LO AND BEHOLD the VERY FIRST CLASS on the schedule is titled “Exploring Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon”. IT’S A MUTHER LUVIN’ SIGN, PEOPLE!

This is the course description:

“Explore the “Garden of Eden” in the desert – Havasu Falls is a destination like none other. Located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation this secluded area is a popular destination of day hikers, explorers and thrill seekers. Learn about this 10 mile hike along the Havasupai Trail, cover permits, staying cool, hydrated, and what gear you’ll need to have a great time at Havasupai.”

How amazing is that? REI, you are my new favorite store/friend. Thank goodness I won’t have to just plan this crazy hiking thing using the internet and my underdeveloped frontal cortex. I am signed up to take this class next week- stay tuned for a post on how it goes! Progress!!


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