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Marry Rich

This week I had a career breakthrough and my yoga teacher exclaimed, “How exciting! So, is that [career] what you want?” And I, thinking I was being OH-so-Zen, replied, “I don’t really know. I’ve adjusted my thinking recently and all I want is to be fulfilled. However that comes, I’ll accept it.” I was expecting her to… Continue reading Marry Rich

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If you wanna make God laugh…

Okay. The past month sucked. POOF! There ‘tis. I got very sidetracked by a plethora of things. I’m trying to be super Zen about it saying, “God was trying to test how important my REAL goals are by putting other issues in my path”, but mostly I’m just pissed. Anyway. Enough about that for now.… Continue reading If you wanna make God laugh…

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Oopsy Daisies

So, I have a secret…. No one in my life knows this blog exists. For some reason, it feels 100% okay to me baring my innermost thoughts to people I’ve never met. But the thought of people who actually KNOW me reading this? TERRIFYING. Maybe someday I’ll get there, but it ain’t today. Which is… Continue reading Oopsy Daisies