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April 29th, 2016: Me too?

I’ve been toying more and more with the idea of sharing this blog with my friends and family. Slowly but surely I’ve told about 5 people who I know for sure won’t judge anything that’s on here, and who miraculously always see the world through nothing but kind and empathetic eyes.

But for some reason, lately I’ve been having this itch to share what’s going on with me with people who actually know me.

This week, a girl I went to college with created a blog and shared her very first post which was about living with depression and “going where it hurts” . I was so unbelievably moved by her courage, and even though I haven’t experienced the same severity of physical symptoms of depression, I was still able to find solace in her words.

Another friend of mine has re-vamped her online content writing business and just released her new site proclaiming the magic of the words “ME TOO”. And she’s SO RIGHT. There is absolutely no better feeling in the world than getting to experience “me too”; whether it be something as gut-wrenching as depression or grief, or something as light-hearted and simple and knowing all the words to the same song…

Connecting to another human being through “me too” is not only beneficial but NECESSARY to our survival.

But there’s still a VERY real, and VERY fearful part of me that thinks “people are going to think I’m selfish / narcissistic / dramatic / damaged / immature / annoying / etc. etc. etc.”. And that part just plain isn’t ready to rip off the band-aid.

I guess I have to figure out what I truly want this blog to be…is it going to be my online diary? My safe place where I can say absolutely anything without fear of judgement from the people in my immediate circle? Or is it going to be a place for “me too”?

Thoughts? Should I share? I dunno!   (Garden of the Gods in CO Springs in the background if you were curious, btw)

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