2017 Bucket List

  1. Re-decorate my whole apartment and/or get my own place by the end of 2017;
    • Buy a new couch
    • Buy a new rug for dining room
    • Finish painting the table and chair set
    • Paint nightstands and dresser
    • De-clutter and throw away or donate things room by room
    • Re-do fireplace
    • Re-frame/change art and decor in common areas
    • Build & Style bar area
    • Total kitchen cleanout
    • Clean and organize both supply closets
    • Set up my art studio space effectively for business and pleasure; get rid of all old supplies- make it a space I look forward to using!
  2. Save $10,000 ($833.33 / mo)
  3. Go to The Lights Festival (bought my ticket! Going March 18th!)
  4. Go see the Grand Canyon just because- hike south kaibab trail?
  5. Make my concert bucket list and check one off
  6. Plan (& go??) to Scandinavia w mom
  7. Pick and learn to play one kick ass song on the guitar, and one on the piano.
  8. Go somewhere I’ve never been before where I know no one.
  9. Cook Grandma Celestina’s Ravioli and invite my aunt Carol over (2-day process).
  10. Write the first draft of my book. Yup. I said it. Holy shit.