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“Relax. It’s gonna be OK”

This past Saturday marked 100 DAYS of “Before I Go Blog”! I, of course, had all kinds of BIG PLANS to mark that day- so many ideas for posts and where I would be by this point. But when I looked at this long list of ideas, guess what? I got overwhelmed. And when I get… Continue reading “Relax. It’s gonna be OK”

Personal · Self-Improvement

3 Fundamental Truths

I went to an audition today for a ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ spin-off. The creator of the show (who is also playing the lead) asked me to improvise a new scene with him like we were on a first date. He started by saying, “So, Kelsey; what do you want in a relationship?” I. Totally. Froze.… Continue reading 3 Fundamental Truths